Landscapes and the ladies of Berkeley street

Somewhere by the side of the road in southern Ontario Lionel and Arna pulled over and took these photos. The one of Arna in profile standing in a slight wind is really striking. Some really nice shots of the landscape too, I love the texture of the grass. I’ll have to ask if the 1952 Pontiac was theirs. It was! Arna left this note on the photo about the shot…

I am quite certain that this is at a bend in the road of a two lane highway in Vermont. Fall, 1969. The car parked at the side of the road is ours. It was a great car- like sitting in a upholstered, chesterfield filled room. We were on the way to see a Henri Cartier Bresson exhibit and visit a friend of Lionel’s who was at the time a professor(I believe of Philosophy) at Yale University in Connecticut.

The fall colours were spectacular.

We had taken a third passenger- a guy who’s name escapes me who we’d just met in Toronto who said he’d only go part way but ended up going both ways with us. So it was a little bit weird driving all that way as a relatively new couple with a stranger in the car. Kind of put a damper on the romance of the trip.

I am wearing a jacket that I made. Green Irish tweed. I loved that thing. Wish I still had it!

Also some shots back at the loft on Berkeley. This is Ian, their roommate again. Don’t know who the other guy is, and Arna has mentioned the name of the other woman here before but it slips my mind just not. Will have to check in with her and note it in here later.

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