The Trunk of Photos 3

I have this trunk. It’s filed with negatives.

My father’s photos. Mostly B&W, i’ve been meaning to scan them, get them archived and published in some manor. Decided to start this site in part as an excuse for that. Get things rolling.

The Binders of negatives in the trunk are somewhat in order, so I’m going to go through them in sequence. This is the first page from the binder labeled 1969 GEN. This post is for the sheet marked 02/01. There is a contact sheet as well for most pages, so I’m including that as well. Mostly I’ve just scanned them, and done nothing else. Except for the one portrait of Lionel. At a later time i’ll be cleaning up some images, but for now these posts will mostly be just big dumps of scans.

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Sam i am - Salgood Sam - Sadax Golum - Xam Salguod - Max Douglas: Monkey aspires to entertain. Something, something, artist, writer, early protozoa web critter. Max Douglas is a child of ’70s Toronto. A lauded working artist and storyteller who since approximately the mid ’90s has signed his art Salgood Sam, a pen name derived from a reverse spelling of his name.

3 thoughts on “The Trunk of Photos

  • Max Post author

    Hi Bob, thanks for dropping by! I’ll try to if I find them, but so far i have no film by Lionel other than from 3rd party sources, just photos and writing.


  • Robert Addley

    Un till a year ago I didn’t know what happened to your father. I can’t say we were the best of friends but we ran into each other very regularly. It’s nice to see pictures of common friend ie Jay Boldizare his first wife Linda Sloboda AKA Tracey. Bob Block. Idon’t remember if I ever let him take stills of me. But he did a short film (I use the term With tounge in cheek). I know I was in it and it had a production budget of about $2.46 , it was called Birth of the Bicycle Bandits. If you ever run into anything like this please let me know.

    Bob Addley

  • Linda Leslie - Webb

    Hello Max,

    I lived at Montrose when Lionel and Arana were there.
    I have a few prints of photo’s I know he took.(maybe 10)
    I think you would have the negs., but the images might help with identification.
    Arna thought you might be interested. They relate to Rochdale.
    Let me know and I’ll send them along

    Linda Leslie – Webb

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