Montrose Ave Inside and Out 2

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Montrose was the first house I lived in as a baby, we were just off Harboured St. Arna and Lionel moved there after living on Berkley, I hardly recall it, the barn wood walls of the kitchen linger, but i think a lot of my memories of it are from stories and slides. These ones, kind of looks like they have just moved in at the time? I have many more than these so more to come for sure! Going to try to make this a regular Thursday thing this winter.

These photos look to be likely from around 1969? I don’t have time to clean up the scans so your going to have to tolerate the dust and scratches for now.

That last view, looks like this today!

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2 thoughts on “Montrose Ave Inside and Out

  • Arna Selznick

    Hi Max,

    Thanks for sharing these. That house address was 373 Montrose Ave. These shots are during our very early days there … the winter before you were born, before the rest of the people we shared it with moved in. I hired friends to put up the barnwood walls and build the kitchen counter according to my design in exchange for making them both sheepskin coats. I was doing most of the cleaning and house painting myself. The place needed a lot of work. You were born while we lived in that house.
    Note: After leaving Berkeley Street we moved into Rochdale college, and then moved to 373 Montrose Ave., just north of Harbord St.

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