Assorted Colour slides

It’s been a while since I updated the site, it was a bit broken for a while, problems with the theme. Finally got a new one that seems to work properly and looks good installed. These are all colour slides I’ve scanned and backlogged. They range from about 1975 to 1978 I think? I’ll try to have more new stuff scanned to post sooner!

About Salgood

Sam i am - Salgood Sam - Sadax Golum - Xam Salguod - Max Douglas: Monkey aspires to entertain. Something, something, artist, writer, early protozoa web critter. Max Douglas is a child of ’70s Toronto. A lauded working artist and storyteller who since approximately the mid ’90s has signed his art Salgood Sam, a pen name derived from a reverse spelling of his name.