Over a truck and billboard painting factory on Berkeley Street

This is a nice set. My mother is in some of them, getting dressed in the first place she and Lionel lived in together. She was an art student at OCA and an artists model. I have a great story to post later about how they met…

“This is before Rochdale, before you! The first place we lived together. Over a truck and billboard painting factory on Berkeley Street. I think it was #57 or 59 Berkeley. Right after Lionel moved out of Close Avenue where his wife continued to live. The [single] bed at the far end was probably Ian Argue’s. He shared the loft with us. We all shared a little washroom with the factory guys downstairs. The washroom had a sink, toilet and that was it. Later we put a bathtub in the middle of the floor of our loft. That added a bit of creature comfort.

I like the ones with the cat. I do not recognize it though. Not one who lived with us for long I think. Did you see the little cartoon of Lionel that is stuck on the wall outside the bedroom door on the left side? That’s one I drew of him naked! Is it any clearer in your higher rez version? I wish I knew where that was now…”

Lot of the other shots are from around the area i think, don’t know who the young guy is yet. and the young guy was a friend of Lionel’s named Mike. He was a lawyer apparently, and helped with the estate after Lionel died.

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