Chuck Berry @ Varsity Stadium in 1969

Happy late Throwback Thursday! I decided a while ago I would make this the standard posting day for the site here. Seemed fitting.

I’ve got a few rolls from this show, though not all of them that Lionel took I think? We’ll see. This first scanned, is #5 of indeterminate. These are pretty much raw scans, I just tweaked the levels if anything.


Chuck Berry playing at the Toronto Peace Festival in 1969, and highlighted is possibly Lionel Douglas taking his photos.

Right off the top, we’ve got Chuck Berry! The later photos feature an act I have not identified yet, but these come I believe from the Toronto Rock and Roll Revival in 1969! That would have been kind of cool. But it turns out the photos are from the OTHER rock festival held that year at Varsity Stadium on the University of Toronto campus downtown! The Toronto Pop Festival! I was looking at some background materiel, and in this post about the other show there’s an unaccredited photo of Berry performing in what looks like the same outfit, and think I might have spotted Lionel at work just in front of him? My mother tells me they attended both shows so either one it’s from, it’s possible. You can’t see much but it does look a bit like him. Depends on what his hair cut was like at the time…

You can catch some of the OTHER show on youtube here. And if you know who the other act on this roll is playing at night, shoot me a message!

The second act playing at night in the later shots is Sly & the Family Stone!

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