Tie Required

Was told of this short silly film a few times by various friends of Lionel’s over the years, but the people who mentioned it didn’t remember who made it so I had no idea where to look for it…

Ends up Lorne Gould, publisher of the “Collected Works” [1980 by Emanation Press] was the film maker! He’s posted a few of his old shorts along with this one on a YouTube account.

I’ve made some stills from it for fun [did a little colour tweaking] but also just going to embed the film below too.

If you have trouble reading the card on the box, it says

This box contains the astro ports and
the special instructions sheet pertaining

Nope, I do not know how that fits in the story, perhaps it has something to do with the altered state this was probably watched in at first? 🙂 And yes, no, it’s not very PC, but i think it was meant in the best of satire.

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