02-02F-18 – Great shot of Arna

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One thought on “02-02F-18 – Great shot of Arna

  • Arna S

    I am quite certain that this is at a bend in the road of a two lane highway in Vermont. Fall, 1969. The car parked at the side of the road is ours. It was a great car- like sitting in a upholstered, chesterfield filled room. We were on the way to see a Henri Cartier Bresson exhibit and visit a friend of Lionel’s who was at the time a professor(I believe of Philosophy) at Yale University in Connecticut.

    The fall colours were spectacular.

    We had taken a third passenger- a guy who’s name escapes me who we’d just met in Toronto who said he’d only go part way but ended up going both ways with us. So it was a little bit weird driving all that way as a relatively new couple with a stranger in the car. Kind of put a damper on the romance of the trip.

    I am wearing a jacket that I made. Green Irish tweed. I loved that thing. Wish I still had it!

    Thanks for posting this Max. The memory is still fresh.