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One thought on “CoverHendrix-03-05-69WEB

  • Daniel Roberts

    I love these photos! I saw Jimi and the Exp. in 1968 in Tampa, Florida, at Curtis Hixon Hall, a venue where I saw everybody back then. I even played there a few times. Sadly, it’s no longer standing either. But we were in the 5th row- center section, and had a great view of the onstage action. Plus, we were all tripping on LSD for the first time, so it was especially electric! But Jimi changed everything for quite a while and is still as strong now as he was back then, thanks to the www! I used to play with Tom Petty in a band called Mudcrutch, then I played years later with Derek Trucks, the slide-guitar wiz who’s in The Allman Bros and also has a band with his wife, The Tedeschi/Trucks Band. So I’ve seen the music-magic thang from a couple good views and have a solid musical foundation myself, one that was influenced and aided by the inspiration of the late/great Jimi Hendrix! Thanks for posting your special photos! Sincerely, Daniel Roberts