guessts in the living room on Heward Ave (2)

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5 thoughts on “guessts in the living room on Heward Ave (2)

  • Leia Kelly

    This picture hurts! That is not the Sandie I know!? She looks/feels like she has no soul,.. Sandy was “sparkle Brightly”, a Lady of our Realm! ,.. she seems to have become a dull thingee, no feelins or duh,…………

    • Max Post author

      oh good grief, what you want her to do cart wheels with a baby on board? She doesn’t seen quite that bad to me, and you can’t really attribute too much to one photo moment. Going on my memory of that room as a kid I think they are all watching the TV or engrossed in something on the stereo – both were in the area they are looking. Partly maybe why they have that intent serious look about them.