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106 photos of summer

02-02I-27-on the island ferry-the Ongiara

Here’s a three rolls of film from what looks like sometime in the summer. Scenes from around Toronto. People hanging out in … More 106 photos of summer

A haircut at Libby’s

02-02G-17 arna cutting lionels hair

Most of these shots, i think were probably taken by Ian Argue. Looks like Arna Lionel and he visiting Lionel’s mother, … More A haircut at Libby’s

Summer in the city


Couple of rolls of photos of what i think is mostly Toronto in the summer. I have this lens still, along … More Summer in the city

Streets and People


This is a big interesting set. I think it’s all one roll, hard to be sure. It’s mostly of what … More Streets and People

More negatives from the Trunk


Scanned another sheet tonight. These were it seems from the same set as the last, or are just unmarked. I’ve called … More More negatives from the Trunk

Lionel Douglas. The collected works

00-00 Play in new window | Download (Duration: 3:36 — 5.8MB) | EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSLionel Douglas: Selected … More Lionel Douglas. The collected works

The Trunk of Photos


I have this trunk. It’s filed with negatives. My father’s photos. Mostly B&W, i’ve been meaning to scan them, get … More The Trunk of Photos