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Ravi Shankar & a show at The Riverboat

So for the 20th post on the site i’m skipping ahead a few sheets to a treat.

This was probably one of Lionel’s first live show shoots. I’ve some later one’s that came out a bit better. Not sure if this is the same place, or day. One set is a trio i can’t place [hints anyone?] playing at the Riverboat coffeehouse, the most famous of all the Yorkville’s clubs during it’s hay day as the hippie neighborhood of Toronto. Check out this excellent old documentary on the CBC archives about that time there–look for a young William Gibson talking about why he was a drop out, and his free loving ways at the end!

The other set is a performance Ravi Shankar gave sometime in 1969, though I’ve had a hard time finding exactly when–every search only comes up with festivals like Woodstock he did that summer, and a performances with John & Yoko. 1969 was the year he broke in the west, so when these were took he would have been a novel act. I did find mention he was there in Toronto at the time, but not the specific date that fall or where. If anyone can tell me where and when exactly it is i’d appreciate it.

I’ve posted these smaller, just 900×615. If someone wants to run them you can contact me about rights and high rez copies at the same address.

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