Summer in the city

Couple of rolls of photos of what i think is mostly Toronto in the summer. I have this lens still, along with a 28 wide angle for my Nikon F. It’s a bit crappy now though. Some of the few bits of camera equipment I’ve been able to hang on to. I was supposed to get it all, but an older relative claimed to want it to remember Lionel by after he died and then pawned it all.

I wonder if that’s a friend of Lionel’s sports car. I was told a story once about how he and another opened the Don Vally Expressway the night before it was officially, going top speed down it in a little convertible like that taking the banked turns as fast as they could.

Fun shots of the family in the other convertible there. And i think that one of the lady bending over would be called an up-skirt pic now eh? He clearly liked photographing pretty women. And Arna. Lots of kids too, and backyard parties, dogs, more dogs, a catfolks walking. Is that a pair of hipsters?