The streets and swimming in the Quarry

Not really sure if it is a quarry, looks like one. Ian Arna and Lionel going for a dip somewhere. Another shot of Arna and Lionel in happier times together. One of the nicest things about going through these old shots is finding those. I wonder who’s taking them when he’s in the frame. Ian some of the time i guess. The shots of the birds diving over the water are really nice. Don’t know who the folks with the VW bus are, or where the street shots are taken. Might be Toronto, but it could also be one of the smaller cities towns and communities near by, many of them not have been absorbed by the big city. Lionel used to go for drives out to all points in his job at city hall at the registry. Like the shot of the train at the end, i was really into trains as a kid. Not such a thing now but.