Lionel Douglas. The collected works

Lionel Douglas: Selected excerpts of “Collected Works” published in 1980 by Emanation Press. This is a book of my fathers work published a year after his death by friends.

Not sure if they have it in stock still but you can try to get a copy from the publisher here if your interested. Going to try to arrange to have it available from here as well. Maybe get it translated into digital/ebook format? Also looks to be available online from various sources, going for $20 t0 $23 used.

There here are scans from one of my three copies, the first of them. A very old and dog eared one. Been with me through a lot. It’s only, about a third of it? Some of my most favorite parts.

In particular, this and this. ‘Prose‘ is a text I turned to repeatedly as a teen and young adult. It was almost, biblical for me. They guided me and framed how I related to my lot in life often. There’s an earlier draft of it here, including a line about his sister I only came to understand years later when she told me stories of growing up.