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Sometime after July 20, 1969

Of course i can’t be sure, maybe he shot these, put the camera down, and then picked up the day of the landing. Or maybe it was in the other order. But it looks like this roll was shot the day Apollo 11 touched down on the moon. Arna, my mother is there so perhaps she can confirm. Also looks like maybe Cathy. Possibly this is the loft on Berkeley Street. The view from the window looks the same.

Update: so it’s not the day of necessarily, which makes sense given the lack of leafs on the tree outside. Arna tells me that shot of the lander on TV is a model, which fits with the fact i thought it looked a lot like this shot. The footage was used to help simulate the mission for TV viewers along side the audio feeds they had from NASA live during the mission, but it may have been rebroadcasts later. During the landing the live video didn’t kick in till after they had landed – these days it would be CGI footage. The footage we often see of the actual landing was brought back after i guess.

Arna and Lionel did watch it happen together, apparently in a bar in downtown Toronto, glued to the set in amazement as the old regulars around them were obliviously pondering their drinks.

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