A Bastards Tale: part 1

One of my reasons for starting this archive project,
was to make my own exploration
of who my father was a bit easier,
for a memoir comic i’ve been working
on called ‘A Bastards Tale’

[no ‘, he was called one, and I am one literally, so the plural not the possessive!]

It’s not all only about him, but it started out as being planed as a comic about my father and will involve him and the impact his life and death had on me.
So now that the first instalment is done, and published, and now animated a bit for YouTube, I thought i’d post it to this site too. Without further adieu, here it is.

About Salgood

Sam i am - Salgood Sam - Sadax Golum - Xam Salguod - Max Douglas: Monkey aspires to entertain. Something, something, artist, writer, early protozoa web critter. Max Douglas is a child of ’70s Toronto. A lauded working artist and storyteller who since approximately the mid ’90s has signed his art Salgood Sam, a pen name derived from a reverse spelling of his name.