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Frank Zappa 1969-05-24 @ The Rockpile

Frank Zappa @ The Rockpile!
1969-05-24, i suspect it’s the Late Show

Arna and Lionel went to the show together I’m told.

She sent me this photo on the right, it’s from Nash the Slash’s site, you should check it out he’s got some amazing archives. I’ve tinted it to highlight what she thinks is her in the back of the group sitting on the floor, and Lionel in the foreground, with a but in his face. :)

Lionel had scooted up closer to the stage to take shots himself. When the show was over everyone got up and she lost sight of him. He was a short guy, I’m probably about 4 to 6 inches taller?

Arna looked around when the crowd cleared and could not see him anywhere. He had slipped back stage without her, and hung around a while getting the great shots on the lower part of the page.

You can hear some of the music from that night on this playlist.

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