Jimi Hendrix Experience @ Maple Leaf Gardens Pt 2

The second roll of photos of a historic Jimi Hendrix show, the night of May 3, 1969 at Maple Leaf Gardens.

There’s been a fair bit of interest in prints of some kind, I’m working on a couple of solutions, and should have something to present with the 3rd Roll of film from the show.

For a bit of back story for this show, check out the first roll post. And the third roll is here!

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Blow my mind totally!!!
It’s deep…
Looking forward to the 3rd roll, too.
Thank you, Lionel & Max!!

CB says:

Yea Ditto Ditto @Hiroxi!!

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Brian says:

Thanks for the pics…I was sitting in the greens…..on the Sunday, my sister, her friend and I spent a half hour with him in his hotel suite at the Four Seasons….amazing man….gone way too soon.

Brian King says:

Fantastic shots! I was 6th row centre that night. I’d love a framed collage of some of these photos!