Jimi Hendrix Experience @ Maple Leaf Gardens

By Salgood, October 24, 2011

This is the first of 3 posts. You can find the second and third sets of shots from this show here and here.

legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix
was arrested at Toronto International Airport
on May 3, 1969 at 9:30 a.m.
after customs found small amounts
of heroin and hashish
in his luggage.

He claimed they were planted there.
He was acquitted later at trial
and that night he made his gig,
playing Maple Leaf Gardens.
Lionel was there, he got some excellent shots.

These are the first 15 shots i’ve scanned of the show, more to come soon. Anyone interested in prints or publishing rights let me know.

A few folks have written about if they could get one so I’m going to look into curating a few posters. I won’t be selling negatives yet. I need them for my own plans. But I will look into making photo sets available, seems like the most interest from collectors is in this.

And I am working on publishing a ‘pin up’ magazine collecting the best of this set of shots and selling a limited run of them through Magcloud. On the right is a possible cover for this Hendrix collection.


  1. Michelle B says:

    Love that wall of amps!

  2. peter turner says:

    Those are just great. Thanks for sharing.

    I see you are using WordPress — Mine is Joomla.

    Do you like it? Joomla has a bit of a learing curve but I’m begining to enjoy it. I had concidered Drupal but I’m not that heavely into extra coding.

    Ps. now you have my e-mail address.


    • Max says:

      Not familiar with Joomla, so can’t compare, but i do like word press. I have a small amount of HTML coding exp so i can mess with it a little, and it works quite well. Sometimes the plugins are not as well made and give me greif but over all good system I find.

  3. Just beautiful…
    Everything is soulful on this site.
    Groove on, Max!

  4. BG says:

    Extremely cool! Thank you for sharing these!

  5. Renusch says:

    Awesome. Can’t wait to see the rest.

  6. ergo says:

    GREAT !

    Beautiful pictures where we can see John “Upsy” Downing, a roadie of Jimi Hendrix (behind).

    Thank you from France !

  7. Parker says:

    Very nice pics! The one where he caught the other photographer’s flash is very cool.

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  9. KG says:

    Very Cool

  10. diamondbackseye says:

    Always enjoy seeing new Hendrix pics, great shots of Noel Redding too…the Experience were in fine form this night, considering the day’s events the music was stellar, one of the best audience tapes I’ve collected.

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