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Colour slides | moments of life on Heward ave

I just got back from a trip to Toronto, and brought back another pile of Lionel’s things. This time it was 8 trays of colour slides, photos Lionel took mostly in the mid 70s. This first batch is all shots taken in or around Heward ave, the house Lionel owned and lived in for most of the 1970s ’till his crash. Some of the first are of his last partner, and a long time friend of mine, Sarah Power. Others are of folks who came to smoke and talk and get their charts done. A set of Billy Litler and company hanging out in the living room. A few of me hanging with my neighbourhood friends, one of my dog Oscar, and some of a party at John Douglas’ house next door for his son Solomon Douglas.

2 Responses to Colour slides | moments of life on Heward ave

  1. Michael Kimberley says:

    Hi Max

    I have just discovered your site. Although, I knew your father for several years, I only became close to him in in the year or two before his passing. I dropped in to see him on the day of the accident only to learn about the accident. Like most of his collection of friends, I thought very highly of him. I still miss him regularly. I have a book that he gave to me that I treasure and often browse through the posthumously published collection of his poetry that reminds me of the loss that we all felt.

    I had the privilege of sharing quite a bit of time with Lionel at his kitchen table on Heward. I met you then on several occasions and although I feel certain that you would not recall. I have not had the chance to go through most of your site yet but I look forward to doing so. Thank you for taking the time to put up the site.


    Michael Kimberley

  2. Max says:

    Hi Michael! Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoy the site, there’s a lot more of his poetry here.

    I take it you’re in some of the shots? Would you mind telling me which? It’s interesting, i have impressions of the people in a lot of the colour slides, can’t say I remember specifics but the faces feel like old long lost family at times.



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