02-09-Clive A. Smith makin' faces 1

Hanging out with Clive, Billy, Ralphie & Co.

By Salgood, August 8, 2011

This set of photos goes with the next post, a set of live concert shots.

Arna and Lionel hanging out with friends, before and after a big night of live music. Clive Smith is one of the founders of Nelvana, formally one of Canada’s largest animation studios. In the early 80’s Arna would go to work at the studio for more than 10 years and still freelances for them and other local studios that spun out of them over the years. Billy & Ralphie were good friends of my parents. Ralphie died in Florida in the 70’s, and Billy in the early 00’s. Not sure yet who the lady in the arm chair or the other folks are yet…

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  1. […] sets, one of a out door concert put on by CHUM radio, and one of people hanging out, I think before and after a Frank Zappa show — photos of which will be going up on the site […]