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10 thoughts on “02-10.11.12-play-38

  • Arna S

    The mystery continues… Do you have contact info for Howard Cronin? I know he spent time with Lionel and visited Montrose Ave. He might be able to I.D. this production.

  • John McNeily

    No, you’re absolutely right, it wouldn’t be **Three Sisters,** I just panicked and thought I was in the shot as an actor, and I pretty much left the stage by the end of ’64. I figured it didn’t look like anything I remember acting in, and grabbed for the least unlikely.

    Yes, he was taking photos in ’63, it’s a large part of how we connected.

    BTW, I think the actor in #8 is Howard Cronin, if memory serves [which, I fear, it’s getting not to].

    • Max Post author

      Looks like from the photos your mostly watching this one.
      From the photos I get the impression the story is something about politics 🙂

      I’ve never heard, how did you guys meet?

  • John McNeily

    It embarrasses me how little I remember of this, but I think it’s a Hart House production, in probably 1962-3, of Anton Chekhov’s **Three Sisters.** It’s certainly not Passe Muraille, with whom I never acted.


    • Max Post author

      Hi John, long time no see!
      That early you think? the roles are not dated but the binder these negs come from is marked 1969. Was Lionel taking photos in 63? he’d have been 19 in 63.